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Reasons to choose New Day Captioning

  • We save you time and money
  • Quality is our #1 priority when captioning
  • We use reliable human transcribers for 100% Accurate Postproduction Captioning
  • We carefully condition all text in accordance with FCC regulations
  • All captions go through our 25-point Quality Control inspection
  • All files are checked for C.A.L.M. Compliance (FCC Loudness Act compliance)
  • Volume Discounts and Agency Friendly Pricing

Closed Captioning: “the right thing to do”

At New Day Media we can transcode, encode and distribute your content via ftp, or other from other platforms. We can receive your files via hard drives or tape also. We are fast and flexible and ready to work to meet your distribution requirements. Broadcast programmers and producers many times lack the time, staff resources, or equipment necessary to send the different file types to so many destinations in a timely manner. Don’t disrupt the creative process, by getting bogged down with file formats, traffic and programming deadlines. Let us take the hassle out the process and off load this to us. New Day Media can distribute your creative content with captions or other meta data that you provide, or we can create the captions for you. Either way we make the process easy and efficient.

Attention to detail:

Our years of experience in television meeting deadlines and paying attention to details ensure that your specific program reaches its destination ON TIME and meets all broadcast specifications. We also provide you with email delivery confirmation for each program that we send of if you use tape formats, we provide tracking numbers with delivery confirmations. Call us at 918-250-4588, ext. 119 or fill out the free competitive quote form to see how we can help save you time and money distributing your program.

Styles of Captioning

There are two styles of captioning: Pop-on and Roll-up.

The choice of styles is optional according to your preference. New Day Captioning does not charge a premium price for one style over the other. In the past, our competitors have charged additional fees for one style or the other. We have always quoted the same rate as the technical process is no more than the click of a mouse.

Below are descriptions of the differences between Pop-on and Roll-up.

POP-ON CAPTIONING: The text pops up on the screen in blocks of one to three lines. Using this process, the captions are placed on the screen so they do not interfere with on-screen text or graphics. Captions are synchronized to the spoken word, and moved around the screen to identify speakers. Sound effects are also described.

ROLL-UP CAPTIONING: Program text rolls onto the screen from one to three lines at a time. The captions are carefully synchronized to the spoken word and are placed on the screen so they do not interfere with on-screen text or graphics. Roll-up captions are typically used for training videos or religious programs.


For a free competitive quote on your next project, fill out the form or give us a call. We look forward to captioning your program! Call us at: (918) 250-4588 ext 119.