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Video File Distribution Services

Reasons to Choose New Day Media for Distribution


  • Quality is our #1 priority
  • We can help you make your distribution seamless
  • We work with your – data files, tape formats, or DVDs
  • Files are transcoded to station specific codec(s)
  • Files are QC’d and transferred to TV stations with confirmations
  • Digital delivery via FTP, or other distribution/file sharing platforms
  • Email Confirmation of distribution/uploads
  • Caption, Subtitles or language work if needed
  • Ability to watermark programs for Nielsen
  • Ability to make graphic or text changes per station version
  • Competitive Pricing


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At New Day Media we can transcode, encode and distribute your content via FTP, or other from other platforms. We can receive your files via hard drives or tape also. We are fast and flexible and ready to work to meet your distribution requirements. Broadcast programmers and producers many times lack the time, staff resources, or equipment necessary to send the different file types to so many destinations in a timely manner. Don’t disrupt the creative process, by getting bogged down with file formats, traffic and programming deadlines. Let us take the hassle out the process and offload this to us. New Day Media can distribute your creative content with captions or other metadata that you provide, or we can create the captions for you. Either way, we make the process easy and efficient.


Our years of experience in television meeting deadlines and paying attention to details ensure that your specific program reaches its destination ON TIME and meets all broadcast specifications. We also provide you with email delivery confirmation for each program that we send if you use tape formats, we provide tracking numbers with delivery confirmations. Call us at 918-250-4588, ext. 119 or fill out the free competitive quote form to see how we can help save you time and money distributing your program.

Quality Distribution Services

Starting out 20 years ago as a closed-captioning company, we are well versed on how to embed captions into the native codec of any station’s play-server. Our transcoding farm servers and industry leading software enables workflow automation without sacrificing the quality services that we were established on. Captioning is a government requirement for broadcast programs and can be included in the distribution setup process, at an affordable rate. Professional broadcast consulting and post-production support is also part of our job of getting your program to the stations.

Extra Post Production Editing

We understand the need and the importance of being able to track the results from each station. Editing inserts like special offer phone numbers and foreign country addresses are a regular function we provide our customers. Sending to multiple stations with different phone extensions or URLs is not a problem. Just send the master file without a phone number or URL, provide us with a list of numbers or URLs to be inserted, and at what times, and we can make all the versions you need.
Adding disclaimers or other specialized Version compliances like bars and tones, black, and slate can also be added to a client workflow with little or no extra cost to the client.

24-Hour Fast Turnaround

We have the most reliable and responsive team in the county when it comes to customer service. We know at times you get in a jam and need our help to deliver your content on time for air. Our regular fast turnaround times for captioning and delivery ensure all files reach their stations on time. But in a mission-critical situation you might need to have us use our 24-hour service. It costs a little extra but worth it when needed. Both manual and software quality control checks make certain every program delivered meets TV stations’ high broadcast standards.